Antonio Amorosa

testimony of a life as an artist


Antonio Amorosa born in Bojano in the Molise region in 1945; here he takes the first artistic studies in the city of Isernia.

He enrolled at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Naples in 1963. He moved to Rome, and there he graduated in 1967.

From 1971 to 1981 he was Professor of Painting Disciplines at the Art School of Salerno. He moved to Bergamo and he was a teacher in experimental courses for the teaching of painting until 2006.

Always his main interests are focused on research in the field of painting and engraving. Now he lives in Bergamo.

I started painting in a methodical way when i was about 15 years old.

For some reason unknown to me, figurative art in general was despised at that time.

At that early age i decided to begin to create the human figure composing basic shapes of geometric purity.

Figures which were only concepts and that i arranged likewavering souls in rhythmicspaces on a music score.

When i was about 22 years old i started creating more complex subjects. However, i needed to study a few more years in order to define the shapes and the space around them in a coherent way, so that they would be able to convey meaning. Eventually i set out to paint on canvas, paper, metal and on all the other materials suitable for reverberating my soul.

I will try to explain my art with a few concepts.

It might seem almost hermetic for its apparent inscrutability; it conveys meanings that look difficult to understand at first, if not utterly obscure. Yet, everything falls into place if you look at it with the unblemished eyes of a child.

The shapes in their volumes stand out laden with colour and remind the observer of emotions that have been quietly engraved. They are just the effect of the things we can see everywhere in the space we are the centre.

Of after all, art wil be our own heritage until we vanish, as long as it is made of the substance of memories.

Our eyes will have to be able to perceive what is in a painting, as if it gave off the golden fragrance of warm bread.

Colour, in its substance, will stand out in front of our eyes and will reverberate through our souls: it will be like hard substance in the soft light, like angels’ breath, our friends from dawn to the darkest night.



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